Consecrated to Mother and Yogi Ramsuratkumar

What We Do

1. Design, Detailed Engineering, Construction, Supply, Assembling, Installation , Testing and Commissioning on Consultancy and Turnkey basis of Package Type and Onsite Type
  1. Effluent Treatment Plants
  2. Sewage Treatment Plants
  3. Water Treatment Plants
  4. Zero Liquid Discharge Systems comprising of
    1. Reverse Osmosis Systems
    2. Ultra Filtration Systems
    3. Evaporator Systems
Alongwith their components, sub-components & boughtout items and integration of the same as a singular Sewage/ Effluent/ Water Treatment System as envisioned & designed and approved by the clients including getting the same vetted by Third Party Academic Institutions like IIT , NIT , Government Engineering Colleges as applicable and also providing technical representation on behalf of the client to statutory authorities like Pollution Control Boards , MOEF etc… with regards to the adequacy of the system designed as applicable.
2. Operation and Maintenance of STPs and ETPs
  1. Providing skilled operators and manpower for operating the STP/ETP/WTP including preventive maintenance and running maintenance and achieving desired results to meet the statutory norms