Consecrated to Mother and Yogi Ramsuratkumar


1. Conveyance and Collection

2. Primary Treatment comprising of

  1. Screening, Neutralization and Equalization
  2. Flocculation, Coagulation, Electro Coagulation and Lime Soda Process
  3. DAF(Dissolved Air Floatation)

3. Secondary Treatment comprising of

  1. Anaerobic Processes like
    1. UASBR (Upflow Anaerobic sludge Blanket Reactor)
    2. HUASBR (Hybrid Upflow Anaerobic sludge Blanket Reactor)
    3. ASBR (Anaerobic Sequential Batch Reactor)
    4. AF (Anaerobic Filter)
    5. Sludge Digestor etc…

4. Activated Sludge Process and its modification like

  1. SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)
  2. MBBR (Moving Bedd Biological Reactor)
  3. FBBR (Fluidized Bed Biological Reactor)
  4. FMR (Fluidised Media Reactor)
  5. SAFF (Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film Reactor)
  6. MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor)

5. Tertiary Treatment comprising of

  1. Filtration
  2. Disinfection by Chlorination, UV Radiation, Ozonation

6. ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Level Achieving Treatment comprising of

  1. Micro Filtration
  2. Ultra Filtration
  3. Nano Filtration
  4. Reverse Osmosis
  5. Electrodialysis
  6. Multiple Effect Evaporation
  7. Crystallisation